Yard’s History

Ocean Yard was founded in 1982 by K. V. Stratis and M. K. Moschatos. Today Ocean has a leading position as a boat building firm in Greece, specializing in designing and building multi purpose work-boats and passenger vessels, having successfully delivered numerous projects all over Greece and abroad.


1982, From the historical yard of Kavala to Ocean Yard



Ocean Yard’s history is a family history traced back to the historical yard of Kavala of northern Greece. The historical yard produced over the past decades, vessels of several different sizes and types serving the local and national needs for cargo transportation and offshore fishing. Built in wood, some of those vessels still exist, recognized as some fine examples of the Greek boat-building tradition.

Following this long family boat building tradition, Ocean Yard (M. Moschatos – K. Stratis OE) was founded by Konstantinos K. Stratis and Michalis K. Moschatos in 1982. The company was first based in Paiania, Attica, began producing wooden boats, mostly fishing vessels, continuing the family tradition which can be traced back to the founding of the modern Greek state.

1985 – 1990, from wood to composites

photo26Following trends of the boat-building sector, since its first years of operation, the yard designed and produced a complete series of work-boats build in composites (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic). The multi purpose work-boat series ranged from 7.50m to 10.50m and became a success, setting the company to the leading position of the domestic work-boat market. The yard gained a large share of the small and medium sized fishing vessels as well as the aqua-culture sector.


1990 – 2000, Producing Fast Passenger Vessels and Work-boats

img8Since demand from sea professionals for larger, faster and more reliable vessels increased, the yard developed in mid 90s semi-planning and planning hull forms with ‘deep V’ sections and lengths from 12 to 15.50m. Using these hulls as a solid base, it delivered successful projects including Passenger Vessels, personnel transportation boats, cargo vessels, utility crafts, research boats as well as offshore fishing boats.

Ocean today 

5Since 2007, Ocean Yard has been working on its updating previous series and introducing new models. Over the last years, the yard has introduced several new vessel types including the Ocean 995 (both for recreational and professional use), Ocean 1400, 1650, 850V, 20 and Ocean 25M. All of our new models featuring an Ocean deep-v hull form and new construction details, engineered to achieve standards for which our vessels are distinguished.


boatyard2Today, every Ocean work-boat is manufactured at our premises in Koropi, Attica, Greece. Our infrastructure includes an assembly hall with overhead cranes, an FRP fabrication hall, a joinery shop equipped with NC and CNC machinery, and temperature controlled storing facility for resins.


Image Gallery from our historical archive 

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